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So I finally bought "Alex & Me" by Dr. Irene Pepperberg. She wrote the book sometime after Alex had died, and the first chapter is all about the outpouring of support for her following his death. She includes several exerpts from emails and cards that had been sent to her expressing sympathy for her.

I cried like a baby. I was in the back seat of Cory's mini van, heading back up to Seattle, reading the book, Olivia jabbering away, with tears streaming down my face as I read the first chapter. My niece even stopped and asked me if I was ok, because I was crying so much.

Who knew that the death of a parrot that I hadn't ever met would effect me so much? I remember crying when I read the news article originally. It was because of Alex that we actually got Murphy.

Saw my mother for the first time in 3 years two weeks ago. I went to see my grandmother, my mother was there, inevitably. I didn't want her to touch me, but I obliged with a hug the first time, but not the second as we were leaving.

Cory and I made apple butter this last weekend. I have jars for Christina, Regan and my friend/guildmate, Snow, who lives in Puyullap. I also made brownies and cookies for Kyle which I need to mail out.

Picked up a vacuum and some clothes to work out in. And a skull pillow. I love Halloween.

I wonder if I'm sliding into a depression again. I'm not eating as much, or getting hungry, and I'm sleeping and feeling sleepy a lot more. Good thing I see Regan today so I can ask her what she thinks about it.
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Cory and I got together yesterday. We spent about 45 minutes running around looking for the Whole Foods near downtown and had gone up to Capitol Hill trying to find it because I could've sworn it was up there. It is not. It's near ish to the Space Needle and the Denny Triangle rather than anywhere on Capitol Hill. We did find it, eventually, and she got her vegetable chips, and I got some new tea, a loose leaf black with Bing cherries and vanilla. It's pretty good. Had a cup today.

Afterwards, we got some early dinner, and then went to the Barnes & Nobles, where I tracked down a copy of LJ Smith's Vampire Diaries; I've been inspired by the TV show and wanted to read the original books. I finished the first collected book of the first two novels, and it's actually pretty decently written. I'd say hands down it's better than the Twilight books, and you can really see where S. Meyes ripped off some of the ideas and what have you that happens in the books... Sad thing is, the Vampire Diaries predate the Twilight books by 15+ years. Kinda sad, I'd much rather see these books made into a movie rather than Twilight. The TV show hasn't seemed to follow the books at all, save for the names of the characters and some of what they can do. It's been a little strange, making those comparisons.

I also got a copy of "Alex & Me" by Irene Pepperberg. Yay Alex!

After that, we headed over to the Paramount to wait to be let in. And we saw Wicked! It was so good! As someone during intermission described it, "It's like the book, with all of the good parts". And it ends a lot happier than the book did. The story was better, I think, than the book, which is so weird. But apparently Gregory Maguire helped adapt his novel for the stage, so I don't feel so bad about that. I almost wish there was a novelization of the musical, because it cuts out a lot of the weird parts of the book, and focuses a bit more on Elphaba and Glinda a bit more than the political intrigue that happens in the book.

Overall, though, I was really pleased. The story was fantastic, the actors amazing and the music was great. There was a good deal of witty dialogue and little gags that were just awesome. Glinda was hilarious.

Also, the Paramount reminds me a lot of the Palace Theatre in Manchester. This was the first time I've been to the Paramount, though, when I was little, all of our dance recitals had been at the Palace.

Wicked Stage Setup )
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This has to be one of my favourite Tanith Lee books, and I'm retardedly excited that it's going to be rereleased, and in such a lovely edition as well. The current copies I have of this series are in two collected volumes that were released to a book club originally; the dust jackets have seen better days. I will make this release mine, and in hardcover. Not quite as fond of the other 4 novels as I am this one, but those too, would be bought in hardcover if they're being rereleased as well.


Sep. 1st, 2008 12:23 am
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So, I finished the Twilight series. And they aren't that bad, the writing wasn't spectacular, the intense love at first sight thing a bit too much, even for the sake of the story, and some of it was a bit contrived... Now that I think on it, the first person view, the fact that all the boys seem to want the main character, the clumsy, self deprecating main character from a somewhat broken home, the fact that said main character also not only has a penchant for over theatrics, but that she repeatedly stupidly throws herself into danger to save the day, sorta reminds me of either Usagi of Sailormoon or some of the less Sue-ish self insertion fanfic authors. The ending was rather anticlimatic for the last book, and that was a little annoying, but I suppose I've being a bit over critical. The books read rather fast, there weren't a lot of attempts at subterfuge, and very, very little came off as surprising throughout all of the novels. But, on the other hand, they were entertaining, and let's face it, when it comes down to it, I love a little bit of the forbidden love aspect. I'm a sucker for it, in fact.

The only other disturbing fact I notice, having read the books, is now I want to RP some vampirey goodness, or some forbidden love, or something like that. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to do this with. AND. I don't really want to add to atrocious Twilight fanfics that I'm sure are cropping up like the plague all over the internet. Don't get me wrong, I've written atrocious fanfiction, I like -some- fanfiction... but it looks like the majority of the people who are fangirls of the series are probably 14 or something and chances are, can't write for shit. Huzzah. I don't want to be a fangirl. I will not write fanfiction.

Ugh. I almost miss my old VTM days on IRC. Who am I kidding, I really do miss the old VTM days... I miss the old school, elitest whore RP I used to do. Damn everyone for scattering to the winds for no discernable reason.

So, I'm chilling at my sister's place for the moment. Prolly going home on Tuesday. Well, I have to go home on Tuesday, I see Regen that day, so, have to bus back up to Seattle.

It's September. I can't believe it's September. The year feels almost over. Halloween is near, and then it's just a tumble into the end of the year holidays. Which seems so odd it's hard to describe. Time seems to move so fast now, I wonder if this is just a symptom of growing older. I could do without it. I'll be 30 forever and alone. I do not thrill at this idea.

Being crazy definitely has some downsides.

PS: Murphy is crazy, too. I can't wait to have my emo parrot back.
PS pt2: Stephanie Meyer thanks Muse in her books, and acknowledges them as well. It doesn't surprise me that she would be listening to something like -Muse- to write those books.


Aug. 30th, 2008 02:20 pm
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I'm at my sister's house. And she handed me "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer and told me to read it. So I did. I'm on the next book. I mean to read the whole series before I leave. As well as Watchmen, since Tim has that as well. It's a reading weekend, when one can get in reading time with Olivia running around.
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I put a bunch of books on hold at the library, including the two new novels by Sara Douglass in which that asshole hero from the Wayfarer Redemption books, Axis SunSoar shows up again. I will see how these go, but I dunno. I also put the book Amy recommended, in the Garden of Night? on hold as well. And then the newest Kate Elliott book since it came out.

Also Amy, I discovered that Tanith Lee has a pen name under which she writes lesbian erotica that Amazon readers said was "surreal"... Which sounds like all of her other work in the Secret Books of Paradys, the Flat Earth, and even in Vivia. Her pen name is Esther Garber, and no, I haven't read any of these novels she's written under the name. Amazing things you discover in the wee hours of the night.

I'm have issues expressing myself lately. Hence why there's been no posts. I've realized a few things, though, which I suppose is just as well.
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Took me 7 hours to finish, from about 1am to 8am, non stop.

Hurry up and finish the book so I have someone to talk to.

Time to sleep.
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Ahem. The five things every aspire writer must know are:

1. Great writers are voracious, omnivorous readers.

2. Spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure—all those things that bored you most in junior high English class?—these are the tools of your trade. Learn them and use them well.

3. A first draft is just that. Revise, revise, and revise!

4. Write the story you love. You can't control whether or not anyone else will love it, but if you do, it will show in your writing. Besides, writing is hard, and a lot of the time it's boring! If you're just trying to churn out something to please what you think is market expectation, then what's the point? Love what you do; do what you love.

5. If you're thinking about becoming a writer, you're not one yet. Writers write. Don't worry about writing badly. You will. It's part of the process. Don't worry; be crappy. Some writers have to write ten bad books before they have one that can sell. Others get it on the first or second try. What's important is that you are writing, reading, getting into good writing groups, and learning how to take feedback. It's the only way you will ever get better. If you want to be a writer, write!

-- Writing the Series: An Interview with Lynn Flewelling, by Moira Allen
Copyright © 2005 Lynne Jamneck

Interesting. I like.


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