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Rash of good things happening. Maintaining good things in therapy, I think. The family reunion thing slash grandmother's 90th birthday party went well.

Saw Repo! The Genetic Opera, which has music produced by my Yoshiki, so that was pretty awesome. [ profile] sobloodycute tipped me off on it, and I watched it the other day when Alex was pussy footing around on IRC about whether or not we were going to RP. It's fun! Gory and pretty visceral but pretty good nonetheless, and I need it on DVD. Planning on doing that. It has Sarah Brightman in it, as well as Paris Hilton, and Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. xD The soundtrack is great, reminds me a bit of Dr. Horrible in its epicness, but different. I posted a quote on my wall on Facebook, and got a few responses with answering quotes. Pretty awesome about that.

Lastly, Krisael got a hold of me recently. Or I him, him getting on IRC, basically, and reconnecting. Which makes me giddy and happy all at once that we're talking again and who knows what will come of it, makes me feel a lot of other things, too. Good things I hope. Jon formerly from Aion threatening him not to behave like a douchewaffle amuses me greatly. Not that they talked, but I passed on the message dutifully.
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My friend sent me this. Joss Whedon's musical internet show starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. Enjoy. I'm going to get this on DVD when it comes out. It's awesome.

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I don't know if it's caffeine or insomnia, but I am still awake. This isn't a cause for celebration, especially as that I shall be busy through most of the day in a few hours. Therapist, then some shopping, then home, then dinner, raiding, and then finally, after 9pm, being able to kick it and relax. I don't know how I will manage this.

I'm suddenly inspired to change the layout and colours on my Livejournal. This will surely take some time. On that note, I also want to reformat my desktop, get it all working without its shitty memory leak, find out why my laptop will randomly disconnect, and set up a remote desktop on my PC so I can access it on the desktop... from 5 feet away. So lazy to even want to do that, and even lazier to not have done it yet.

I do not believe that reformating your troublesome desktop is good to attempt when you haven't slept yet.

Tashina wants to go see the Dark Knight. I am totally up for seeing it again, and I convinced her to see it at the Imax. It's playing at the Pacific Science Center through to September, so there's plenty of time. If any of my local friends are interested (Liam, Dawn+Drew, Shushu, Rachel, [AMY, if you lived here right now] etc, etc), it will probably be a weekend, but not this coming weekend. Suggestions are welcomed. Txt me through my profile, or leave a comment, or whatever for ideas.
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I can't believe I didn't say this earlier, like when I got home... I mean, I had posted on my guild forums, and messaged half of my AIM/MSN contact lasts to tell them all what I'm going to write here.

THE DARK KNIGHT WAS FUCKING AWESOME: And you should all go out and see it.

Caitlin and I saw the midnight showing as a final hurrah. And it was totally worth it. Some people were dressed up, Monster was present and handing out energy drinks. There were beach balls.

PS: I love my friends list. I think I found 4-5 people posting (earlier than I did) the same thing I wrote here. I'm in wicked awesome company.
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I haven't updated with something real in ages.

What have I been upto? Running my SL stuff on BDI with Kel and an assortment of others, which I have just finished today. Thank god. At least the part with the 6 players involved. Never, never, never want to do that on IRC again because we couldn't start on time to save our lives. It was very annoying, especially when people were late after scheduling the times. And other things. Oh, how there were other things, but that might be a BRPS post rather than here.

I've been playing L2 a bit as well, getting in 2-3% every now and again, even with my computer being retarded. Sometimes with Eric around. Tagless, so much safer, people leaving me alone, it's glorious.

I'm doing better in my therapy! Beth says so and so does Liz! And me, too. It's just... hard to do some of these mindfulness things and what have you. Frustratingly hard. All of my triggers seem to be people and those relationships between them and me. It's hard, really, very difficult for me to get through and do.

Saw Labyrinth on Monday at the Vasrity Theatre. EPIC bulge, as predicted. Awesome, despite Amy's scary "zomg my jaw is weird" thing. She's alright, no worries folks, but it was strange anyhow. Amy is gonna take me to go see Stardust tomorrow, so I have to finish the book before then. It's a pretty easy read so far, I'm on page 150 of 336, so no doubt it'll be done before tomorrow. I also picked up a new Tanith Lee book I hadn't heard of before called Sung In Shadow, which is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet done in a manner that only Tanith Lee could accomplish. I liked it, it was pretty good.

Arch got me into The Birthday Massacre and Shiny Toy Guns. Rock on. I luff teh new muzzaks.


Aug. 5th, 2007 12:46 pm
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A bit short notice, but we're going to see Labyrinth at the Varsity Theatre at 7 tomorrow if anyone else wants to come. By us I mean [ profile] kumori_no_ko and [ profile] theboyharuka. We're meeting up around 6 when Amy gets off work.

I'll post something real sometime soon, maybe.


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