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Cory and I got together yesterday. We spent about 45 minutes running around looking for the Whole Foods near downtown and had gone up to Capitol Hill trying to find it because I could've sworn it was up there. It is not. It's near ish to the Space Needle and the Denny Triangle rather than anywhere on Capitol Hill. We did find it, eventually, and she got her vegetable chips, and I got some new tea, a loose leaf black with Bing cherries and vanilla. It's pretty good. Had a cup today.

Afterwards, we got some early dinner, and then went to the Barnes & Nobles, where I tracked down a copy of LJ Smith's Vampire Diaries; I've been inspired by the TV show and wanted to read the original books. I finished the first collected book of the first two novels, and it's actually pretty decently written. I'd say hands down it's better than the Twilight books, and you can really see where S. Meyes ripped off some of the ideas and what have you that happens in the books... Sad thing is, the Vampire Diaries predate the Twilight books by 15+ years. Kinda sad, I'd much rather see these books made into a movie rather than Twilight. The TV show hasn't seemed to follow the books at all, save for the names of the characters and some of what they can do. It's been a little strange, making those comparisons.

I also got a copy of "Alex & Me" by Irene Pepperberg. Yay Alex!

After that, we headed over to the Paramount to wait to be let in. And we saw Wicked! It was so good! As someone during intermission described it, "It's like the book, with all of the good parts". And it ends a lot happier than the book did. The story was better, I think, than the book, which is so weird. But apparently Gregory Maguire helped adapt his novel for the stage, so I don't feel so bad about that. I almost wish there was a novelization of the musical, because it cuts out a lot of the weird parts of the book, and focuses a bit more on Elphaba and Glinda a bit more than the political intrigue that happens in the book.

Overall, though, I was really pleased. The story was fantastic, the actors amazing and the music was great. There was a good deal of witty dialogue and little gags that were just awesome. Glinda was hilarious.

Also, the Paramount reminds me a lot of the Palace Theatre in Manchester. This was the first time I've been to the Paramount, though, when I was little, all of our dance recitals had been at the Palace.

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Sep. 16th, 2009 05:47 pm
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I was on the bus a few weeks ago, when this woman started to talk to me, because I had hair that was past my waist. She asked me if I was growing it out for any reason, and I just told her that no, I just keep it really long, and that it had been 6 years since I had last cut it. She said she was growing her hair out for Locks of Love, and that she was about to get ready to cut it. I explained that when I had cut off 18" a few years ago, it was too dyed to donate it.

It got me to thinking.

I thought about cutting my hair. And really started to consider it. I wasn't doing anything with it long. And I would like to donate at some point. So the more I thought of it, the more I realized I wanted to do it. So I made the appointment yesterday, and went in today.

The Reveal! )

18" in about one go, with an additonal 2" afterwards. Donated the majority to Locks of Love. I'm pretty happy with it. The stylist was awesome, and I really liked her. Put some layers into it so it released some of the natural curl and gave me some swoopy bangs that I need to train my hair into doing. Natural hair colour, looks black.

I didn't tell my sisters I was doing it. I see Mandy tomorrow and plan on surprising her. I will swear her to secrecy as well so I can surprise and shock Cory.
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I adopted Adam (the Cat) this weekend from Cory. He's a 9 year old domestic short hair, who's recently started getting into fights with his littermate, Aurora, who he's lived with all his life. We thought he'd be happier with me, and being the only cat in the house, so I offered to take him. My therapist feels this is a good step, so, here he is.

I'm pretty excited to have him.

He's also obsessed with the blanket in the picture. To the point that he tried to climb into my lap, with the laptop in it, to sleep on it. I had to pull a bit out for him to the side for me so he wouldn't be in the way.

Adam Adam
Chilling out on my new microplush throw, on my futon.
Adam Adam
Different angle.
Adam Shy? Adam Shy?
He sleeps like this quite a lot, with his paw over his face and I told Kyle I'd get a picture of it for him.


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