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Probably shouldn't have waited a year to write. Not that I was waiting, per se, but the depression after the break up with Eric and subsequent whirlwind wooing by Chris was... um... a whirlwind.

So to jump to things, I've been seeing Chris for nearly a year, or a year, or something like that. He moved back up to Seattle in September, and we officially moved in together in February. Murphy and Adam both live with us, and terrorize or whore it up, according to their own natures. We're currently looking for a larger apartment, townhouse or house with or without a roommate, depending on what happens. I'm very happy with my life with Chris, overall, though we need to buckle down and start saving for the move. We do have the ballet, a symphony and PAX on the horizon, plus a trip back to New Hampshire in September for -his- friend's wedding, ironically enough.

I'm back in DBT and at the halfway mark now. We just started Distress Tolerance again, which is good. I think I'm excited about this module because I finally made a box out of a very bright gift box from Daiso. I've put the things that make me smile in there, and help to break moods and stuff. Olivia's kindergarten pic is one of them! But that's because I don't want my sister and brother in law to ever have to explain what happened to Auntie Margo. Therapy seems to be going well, I slipped off the bandwagon for a little bit, but seem to be back on it. Trying to learn to self discipline myself into being responsible, but it's kinda hard. And sometimes it really makes me feel like I'm the black sheep of the family. Mostly because my sisters are both successful in their chosen fields, and are working on or have received their masters. And I'm... in therapy, not working. Eeeeh... C'est la vie? I don't know.

I went to New Hampshire last December and saw a bunch of people for the first time since I graduated high school. I plan on packing as many people into the five day trip this fall as possible. We'll see how it goes. Lorelei's definitely on the list of people to see since I didn't get to see her last time I was there.

Chris wants me to read the Wheel of Time, and I'm stuck halfway through the first book. I said I would read the whole thing, but it's so slow, and slogging through it is painful. I'm trying, but I just don't think it's my thing? And it's not that I don't like fantasy or epic reads or whatever. I just don't know, but I feel as though I'm letting him down by not finishing the book. He says I like to cuddle it more than I like to actually read it. He could be right. I read it on the bus, mostly when I have nothing better to do.

I have things to do this weekend, it's amazing. I have to mail my copy of the Last Unicorn comic to Dawn to get signed by Peter Beagle, and go to Lush to buy a birthday present for one of our friends, Beth... well, and buy some stuff for me, mostly moisturizer. Like I need a reason to go to Lush! That's really Dawn's fault, since she introduced Lush to me before she moved.

Um, what else has happened? My sisters both moved. Mandy to New Mexico with her fiancee for school, and Cory, Tim and Olivia to New Hampshire to be closer to Tim's family. And prolly my dad and stepmom, too! Mandy and Russell will be visiting Seattle in July, yay, and I hope to see them at least once, if not more. Chris is nervous about meeting my younger sister and her fiancee, but he'll do fine! Or he better!

Lots of stuffs I want to do this year. PAX, the ballet, the symphony, NaNoWriMo, the Uproar Festival, meet Chris's family, graduate DBT... um... The year is half over, gotta hop to! Though, some of those events can't be rushed, or have certain dates. Most of those dates are unchangeable. Oh well.

Anyways, not a bad start to journaling again...
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Dirty for being on Facebook! I KNOW! All mah fault. Feel free to add me, though.

So grandma's 90th birthday party was this weekend, and we went over, knowing that it could easily result in a load of drama and being paranoid for that drama to come. It wasn't so bad.

If anything, it was being way over prepared for the shoe that never dropped. My aunt, all of my uncles and a ton of the family I didn't know well enough to name or had seen in years anyhow were all there, as well as my grandmother, of course. My mom brought her new puppy, Maggie, who was freakin adorable and tiny. Olivia seemed to have a good time.

The only weird thing about it all was my mom bringing the old neighbour kid she tried to hook me up with when I was 17 and he was 14, and his girlfriend. Now this may not sound too weird, except for the fact that he was walking around, at a family event... with a freaking tazer that looked like a handgun on his hip. I... don't get it. Everyone there was dressed up nice in slacks, skirts, the works, and he comes in jeans and a T shirt saying something like "You look like I could use a drink".

Seemed a bit strange and disrespectful.

I found out that one of my uncles was seeing a psychologist, which is probably good for him. He said something about how his therapist told him that he had to go to the gym as a part of his job. From work to the gym and -then- he was allowed home. It stuck in my mind, and seems to be a good way to manage it, I think. I think that's what I'll have to do get myself into the gym on a regular basis as well.

Survived the weekend. I still fall asleep to Zamfir, master of the pan flute. Cory calls this a Pavlovian conditioning since my parents used to play Zamfir in the car when I was an infant. IT STILL WORKS. This shouldn't happen, but oh, it does. What can you do when it still works?

I spent both car rides to and from Leavenworth listening to the Shiny Toy Guns with little to no exception.

Wrote a short story recently. Need to be edited a bit because I ended up changing tenses half way through, as someone pointed out to me, but as soon as I do that, I'll probably post it on LJ. But it does need to be polished up a bit before it comes close to online publication. And it involves rape. Character's back story and all, and that leads to the rape. Of course, it'll be posted, but it won't be until after the second draft is done and a spell checker run through it. Such things are all that the perfectionist require in me.

Oh yeah, I got a little buzzed on strawberry champagne with my aunt last night. Whee. >_>
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I did it because [ profile] quarla did it.

visited 30 states (60%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

You can see both trips cross country, and the few airport layovers. Layovers totally count, right?

Contemplating NaNoWriMo this year. Have an idea, Kyle suggested it after this wicked dream I had. The story would be mostly set in modern times, a fantasy revolving around reincarnation and what not. Not quite to the extent of the Troy Game or anything like that, but mostly from one life, to the current. Might have to do a bit more research on England or something to make the plot work, or just use an alternate US of a sorts. I haven't decided. I should go check on my NaNoWriMo account to see if it's still active. I haven't done it in 4-5 years.

Turns out I had to reregister for NaNoWriMo:

Added Abilify to my drug regimen, and am going back on my sleeping pills to regulate my strange sleeping habits as of late. Hopefully, this will help.

Going Home

Jul. 21st, 2009 10:02 pm
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Going home early tomorrow. Not looking forward to a 6 hour flight, but I am looking forward to going home. Also not looking forward to a 6 hour flight while covered in bug bites and on my period. Gonna be a jolly old time up in the air, I think.

Also, go help the folks at
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Since I got to Massachusetts, the weather's felt more appropriate to Seattle winters than New England summers. It was rainy, and overcast, and generally wet. Which isn't a huge deal, pretty used to that sorta thing, being as that I LIVE in Seattle and have for several years. But I was expecting to deal with hot, humid and the general nastiness that comes along with summers in this area. It has, finally cleared up, at least for a little bit, for which I am extremely glad.

I'm actually just sitting in my parents' yard, with the still massively huge golden retriever, Max. He's eating sticks, I'm blogging and listening to music on my iPod since I don't want to needlessly drain the battery on my laptop. I'm enjoying the warm weather, the nice, steady breeze and he outsideness from the shade of this huge oak tree. I should take pics of my parents' property, it's really very pretty, no surprise being out in the sticks somewhere, and Max probably would've been happier if he had grown up here, since he doesn't seem to like the big, wide openness in his old age. I just tried to convince him to give me this stick so I could throw it for him, but he wanted nothing to do with that. Hey, I tried. There is no accounting for dogs or their taste in persuits. Max's just happens to be devouring sticks, for whatever reason.

The flight down to Cali was a non event. Nothing to really comment about there. Quarla came and got me at the airport, and we chilled out for a few hours at her place before crashing for the night.

The next day, we went somewhere that was sorta equidistant from her, Joyless and Mikura and met the WoW-boys for lunch. Whereas I might have been a bit nervy about introducing one friend to a group of friends, it went rather well. She plays WoW, so getting along with other WoW dorks was pretty easy and nothing to be concerned about, as it turned out. We hung out all together for a bit, and Q suggested going to the Blizzard building and getting Murphy pics there on the way back to her place. We ended up splitting up for a bit, Q went back home to finish packing and the like, and I went with Mik and Joy and we all went to Blizzard. Joy works there, so he got us in past security and showed us around, after we signed this confidentiality waiver. I have pics of Murphy there, too.

I incidentally, also have pics of a finger printed smiley face on Mik's precious Infinity G35, and a couple of knicks in the paint. The knicks I am not responsible for, but I take pride in the smiley face, which he immediately wiped off with some spray stuff he keeps in the trunk after graciously letting me get a picture of it. I immediately posted the pic of the smiley on our guild forums, and have been bribed, since, to post the pics I took of Mik and Omatre on the forums in return for "any piece of loot off Yogg Saron" by our guild leader. I should hold out for the Soulscribe.

Mik bought me some In & Out that night and it was everything I remembered. Soooo gooooood... I ended up having two In & Out burgers in less than 24 hours, because Quarla and I got some when we stopped in Vegas and met her best friend, Manda.

Quarla's dad reminds me a lot of my dad. The tech nuts who want the perfect picture, the perfect audio experience for their movie viewing pleasure. They're both software engineers of a sort. Her dad seems a bit more easy going than mine, though. And my dad is taller and bigger. Heh.

The actual trip from Cali to NY/MA wasn't so bad. Spent approximately 2 of the 4 days in the car, if you do the math. About 12 hours in the car a day, for 4 days. We didn't get lost, but after hitting I-80, it was pretty easy. We did meet Smerffy and Omatre on the way out here, as well as stopping in Nebraska to see Stephanie, who put us up for the night and fed us. Steph and I stayed up until 2-3am and talked in her room while Q slept. My job was to stay awake and talk, and navigate, and to protect the geckos from direct sunlight, which I think I did admirably.

The geckos, 3 leopards named Ripley, Newt and Rising Fire, make me want to get geckos now, but I bet Adam would try to eat it and that would be pretty traumatic for all parties involved.

Also,4x RWs do not burn smoothly in a car. I imagine that 52x R's would, though! Thanks to Steph though, for the RWs, so we got some fresh music in the car after Lincoln.

I took some pics along the way. The scenary got boring after the Rockies until we got to NY. We did stop at two of the viewpoints in Utah and got some pictures. Quarla's camera picked up the colour differences a lot better than my new one did, but her's had a professional quality lens on it, so there you go.

We cut out the Buffalo detour, and just went from Toledo straight to Plattsburgh. Matt (Omatre) was pretty cool and came out to the hotel we were staying at and picked us up to take us out to a late dinner. He hung out with us in our hotel room for a few hours before we had to call it a night. Matt's pretty good people and I really enjoyed meeting him. We took a slight detour through the Adirondacks towards the end of the last leg, and it was very pretty. No cell reception to speak of though, but to be expected all things considered.

We stayed in Plattsburgh for a few days before we came down to my dad's place. It was an easy, 4 hour drive, and we even took the ferry over into Vermont across Lake Champlain. We went by Manchester, and I waved at people and the exits I knew, and gleed about being back in this area. We went to Boston on Sunday and met one of -her- friends, and he was a bit quiet and shy about me, but seemed like a pretty nice guy. Towards the end of the visit, he started getting a bit more talkative towards me, which was cool. I picked up a stupidly expensive Red Sox sweatshirt and the first book of Fathom that included the first 3 story arcs, which made me happy since my first volume of the graphic novel disappeared at some point. This book contained a bit more than the old copy, so it's all good.

And now, I am here, in Massachusetts, just sorta chilling out, waiting on people to get a hold of me. I recommend texting my phone (which you can do from my LJ profile) or IMing me on some messenger or another, because my dad's house is a cell phone black hole for me, and I barely get any reception to speak of out here. See this entry, which I had originally botched and posted as private: for my phone number or comment on it to make plans. ;)

I miss (----) since we haven't gotten to talk a whole lot with the 3 hour time difference and our difference in schedules. I've been asking him to wake me up when he's ready for bed so we've talked a bit then. I hope all is going well for him at home with the job hunt and the like.

I should be editing pictures and getting them posted fairly soon. (Fake) Murphy pictures especially.

At Sea/Tac

Jun. 20th, 2009 06:49 pm
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So, not knowing how long it would take for me to get through security, I insisted on coming about 2 hours early. I got my boarding pass, checked my purple suitcase and got through security in less than half an hour. Now I'm sitting at the gate waiting and killing time. Gonna snack on something in 20 minutes before I get on the plane, but not a whole lot going on other than that.

And when I wrote that, that was the case. However, they switched what gate we're leaving out of to an entirely different terminal, so now I'm in a completely different place. Which sucks, but what can you do? Meh. I'm in the right place now, and just sorta sitting here, talking to Kyle and Quarla, and occassionally Mik on AIM. I was totally gonna fininsh Ulduar from the airport, if I could find an outlet, before they changed my gate.

I dropped my electric shaver last night and it broke, and now my legs are hidden underneath knee high black and purple stockings. Huzzah. And a skirt, but always a skirt. I'm thinking about getting a pair of sandals at some point.

I'm also going to start a photo project, concering the plush Murphy that's currently in my purse. I need to take a pic of him at the gate, I think. Since I couldn't find anything that had "SEATTLE!" right there that would be easy to take a pic of by myself. I wonder if I could convince one of the airport people by the gate to hold him while I take the pic. It's pretty silly, but Murphy's gonna get pics taken of him EVERYWHERE.

Also. I love technology. I love the fact that I can be anywhere, pretty much, and be online from there. Like right now, online, from the airport, as are a few people and it's awesome. Things are so different now, but then again, I haven't flown in 7 years, so it's no wonder. And all that rot about how much shit's changed between now and then.

Oh, and I am tempted to buy booze on the airplane, and end up in Cali drunk. That would be hilarious, for Quarla.

Agenda for the week:
Saturday: The beginning! Flying to Cali
Sunday: Hanging out with Joyless & Mik
Monday: Beginning of the Epic Cross Country Trip 2009, Corona, CA to Denver, CO
Tuesday: Day 2, Denver, CO to Lincoln, NE, to hang out and stay over night at Steph's
Wednesday: Day 3, Lincoln, NE to Toledo, OH? I believe is the next step. Robby & Matt + Q's friend(s)?
Thursday: Day 4 Toledo, OH to Buffalo, NY: Niagra Falls, I think
Friday: Day 5, Buffalo, NY to Plattsburgh, NY: The end, for now!

I think that's about right. And we'll chill out at her place in Plattsburgh for a few days before the trip to Boston. I'm thinking we'll be in Boston before the 4th of July so we'll avoid all that drunken traveling and the like.


May. 30th, 2009 10:11 pm
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So, starting June 1st, they're implementing passport requirements to come into the US from Canada. Or "enhanced IDs" which are only offered by 4 states at the moment. On the upside, Washington offers enhanced IDs and they are a lot cheaper than passports. The downside, the interview has to be done in person and requires alot of the same documents that you need for a passport. Also, it takes 2-3 weeks for the ID to arrive after being accepted. Which means, I can't go to Victoria before I head out east and will have to wait until I get home from the trip.

Toronto is out of the picture for the epic road trip.

I still intend on getting an enhanced ID, mostly because they're easily renewed after you do it initially and I foresee trips to Canada in the future. I plan on hitting up the DOL anyhow, so I can the booklet for the written exam, so I can get my permit before I go to California. Not that I intend on driving on the trip at all, but it's one step and mebbe I can get some practice in with my dad or something. Also, once I get my license, I can become a member of Flexcar or something, and not have to ask my sister to come with me to go to Ikea. And she can send me out to the store when I'm over her house.

My flight down to California's booked. I leave at 7:40 on June 20th. Quarla and I plan on heading out on Monday the 22nd, so we're estimating 7-10? days or so to get across country with all of the mid trip stops.

Should be in NH at the beginning of July, I believe. So let's start making plans, folks! I'll prolly need places to crash until I head to Mass to see my dad. Fo sure.
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[ profile] quarla doesn't want to drive around July 4th. So this means either leaving at the very end of June and crashing out on the 4th somewhere? (Steph, I look at you, personally for this), leaving early enough that we'll be in NY by July 4th, or just leaving after July 4th. I don't know, the plans are still in their infancy at the moment, though by the end of next week, at the latest, should have my flights booked. The plan is to fly into Cali, and then leave a day or two after I get there.

Preferred stops at the moment, on my end:
* Lincoln, Nebraska (Steph, on the way!)
Lafayette, Indiana (Kel, not sure on if she could come meet us somewhere if this was too far out of the way)
Cincinnati, Ohio (Robby offered to come and meet me anywhere, not sure if Sean can)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Tony would come and meet us somewhere, if we were reasonably in the vague area)
Toronto, Ontario (Edited in, Q's got friends here and wants to make this stop; going to Victoria first pretty much means that I should have no problem getting into Canada)

* = Definitely able to make. The others are on the way, just not sure how far out of the way they are vs the route we'll end up taking. We'd like to stop in the Dallas/FW area, to see Wes, but it's 600 miles out of the way, and a bit much on a 3000+ mile journey in the first place. It's probably a no go.

If you are not on this list, let me know, and I'll let Q know, and we'll see what we can do. People in NH do not count, as I will see you, for sure.

I need to think on what I need to bring. We've decided on our cameras, iPods and laptops. I'll be ripping copies of the Harry Potter audio books to bring with me, and we might listen to them, and I think that's about all I've gotten figured out as far as that goes. I have a wealth of stories to disclose, and crazy mom stories are always a hit! A suitcase of clothes with some space for Fluff (and other stuffs!) on the return trip, and that's probably about it.

I am looking forward to going to Friendly's, King Kone, Dunkin Donuts, and D'angelo's in NH. All I can think about is the food and places I've missed in NH. Kinda sad, but Cory says that she usually binges when she goes back east for the same reasons.

Planning a trip to Victoria before the cross country thing. A weekend getaway trip, heading up there on the clipper, crashing in a nice, touristy hotel, and then coming back to Seattle after 2-3 nights. And not doing a damned touristy thing because that's not what I'd be there for. Crashing in the room and watching movies the whole time. If this means I have to bring a dozen DVDs with me, and my laptop, to accomplish that, I will. Because god knows, I'm bringing freshly made cookies.

And I don't know which trip I'm more excited about. The 3-4 week trip cross country with Q to see a bunch of friends in NH as the end result, or the 3-4 day trip across the border to meet him.
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Having talked to [ profile] quarla a bit more today, and my dad, and Wes about all of this... it sounds pretty solid that I'll be heading out east with her, driving along the southern half of the country and then heading up north along the eastern seaboard. The actual itinerary isn't planned at the moment, nor when we'd be leaving, or when I'd be hitting New Hampshire.

According to Q, we'll be driving straight through Lincoln, though, Steph, so definitely gonna stop and see you and your menagerie of animals. Maybe I'll steal a kitten and bring it with me everwhere. Though not likely, kittens in carriers for another 4 days probably get unhappy and make messes. And that's no good for another 4 days in the car.

I'll have to bring my iPod, laptop and prolly my DS (need to get a DS Simply card). Some books. Maybe download some audio books for us to listen to. Borrow a suitcase from my sister for the trip. I want to get a new digital camera for the trip, because mine's 3.2mp and that's not very high for taking decent pics of landscapes and the like. But that will require more research before I actually make a purchase there.

Anyway. I'll keep the details posted. Chances are, we'll be blogging on the trip.
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So many things I could be writing about right now. But only a few lines, since I can't seem to sit down for long enough to write all of those things.

There's still a lot of stuff I need to do. And want to do. And want to make of my life. I want a house, I want my marvelous, custom built kitchen. I want a couple of cats, a dog or two, and Murphy (who will not be renamed Bread). I want to be a pastry chef. But to do all that, got to straighten shit out first. Always had a reason, never had much motivation until the last few months.

I'm actually pretty happy (content!) most of the time, when not in fits or episodes of anxiety, crazy or depression; those having come much less frequent, though. I'm inspired to work on all of those things I've been putting off in therapy. And those quirks that seem to entirely wreck my universe that are mostly of my own design. I attribute this to mostly to one of the most amazing people I've been blessed to meet. I don't know how they do it, but they do, and it's incredible to me. I'm very happy to have met them, and I'm glad that they're in my life. I will no doubt go on about (----) in the future, but for the moment, this being a quick update that's not entirely about them, it's not the time.

I have hesitated in writing about (----) for a few months now, and I don't particularly know why. Sometimes, things are like a bubble and the slightest outside pressure can pop it.

I'm 25 now. And it freaked me out for a while. I think I'm okay with it. I told (----), about something in their life, that it's a transitional period, that just because things are crappy now, doesn't mean they always will be. And really, it's the same thing, about my life. It's just easier to tell someone else that, than it is to believe it yourself.

Mandy and I went to the ballet a few days after my birthday, because they were performing Swan Lake, and it's been one of my favourite pieces of music for ages. I cried at the end of it, it was so moving, so beautiful. I will probably make an effort to go back and see Swan Lake everytime it's performed at the PNW Ballet after that. I really enjoyed the performance. I still mean to go to an opera at some point, but there's only two I really want to see, namely Don Giovanni and Aida.

My lip ring's been healing up pretty nicely. I got my ears all gauged up to 18s, including my cartiledge piercing. I thought they would all hurt a LOT more than they did. It was very anticlimatic. I'm thinking of maybe gauging my lowest earring to 14 or 12 to put in some of the more interesting pyrex "squid" pieces of jewelry. I'll have to look up some pics later. This being a quick update before I lose the determination to write.

I quit the WoW guild I had helped build and ran for the last 5 months. Pointedly, it had gotten to be a lot of stress. When I spend the first half hour or more of every nightly conversation with (----) bitching about it, it's gone too far. It wasn't fun anymore. It was more work than it should've been, and I shouldn't have been the only person busting their ass to make it all work out. After nearly a 2 month ultimatum, it's how things fell out. I admit to quitting in a fit of utter frustration and some what emo-ness, but it wasn't a huge surprise, and shouldn't have been, for the officers that it happened. I'd been saying I wanted to if things hadn't changed. And they didn't. In the two short weeks since I quit, the whole guild has fallen apart, which, in my opinion, pretty much underscores the fact that I had been single handedly running the guild.


Lastly. [ profile] quarla might need a traveling buddy for when she moves out to NY in late July. She asked me if I wanted to come, and offered to help pay for plane tickets to Socal and then back to Seattle. I'm heavily considering doing it, as it'll be a blast driving cross country again, and to see more of the sights (and maybe peoples along the way, [ profile] dmoira). And it's a chance to see everyone back in NH whom I haven't seen since I graduated high school in 2002. I have no doubt that I can convince someone to meet us halfway in Burlington, Vermont to make the Margo exchange so I could go back to NH for a week or two and then fly out of Manchester or Boston to head home. It would be awesome to see everyone back east again, it's been so long. I need to email my dad about it, and see about his plans.

And that's all I'm committing to for right now. Once again, I'll try to write more again in the future, but I say that alot, and it never comes through.


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